Baby Room

Our main aim in the Baby Room is to follow your child’s individual routine; maintaining your own feeding routine, sleeping pattern, ensuring your child feels happy and content.

The room is self-contained with fully qualified nursery nurses who are able to provide a flexible and adaptable approach that is both caring and supportive.

The Early Years Foundation Stage guides us in providing an environment which enhances your babies curiosity. Visual stimulus is provided through mobiles, colourful displays and decorations at heights that will attract attention. Physical stimulation is encouraged through activity centres, mats and `baby gyms’. Emergent speech is progressed through the use of very simple, strongly illustrated books, plenty of verbal contact and hand signals with nursery nurses.


The room offers a separate sleep area for your child where they can have a restful, unbroken sleep, closely monitored by the team.

Every child up to a year old will have its own daily record detailing feeds, sleeping patterns and nappy changes. This is available to parents/carers and ensures that any problems, which may arise from time to time, are recorded for later reference. Parents/carers need to provide formula milk, nappies and wipes. Once you would like your child to start weaning, we offer the choice of you providing food in jars or packets made to your request or alternatively we will blend our food made fresh on the premises to the correct consistency for your child’s stage of development.

We choose Nursery Nurses who specialise in this age range. The ratio is 1:3 within the room and a maximum of twelve babies at any one time. The room co-ordinator maintains the running of day to day routines, activities and teamwork.

As your child reaches toddler stage, they may spend a proportion of their time with the older children. This helps to make the transition to the main areas much easier for your child as they gradually take their next step.