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Through the eyes of a parent

I first heard of Bramble Hall Nursery when I was talking to one of my friends at work. She said that both her children had been to Bramble Hall. She was very pleased with the nursery and how they kept parents involved and supported her children. It was also close to town but benefitted from a lovely rural setting. I then rang the manager and she offered to show me round the nursery so I dropped in later in the week. It makes it easier to visit when they are so flexible.

First appearances are very good with it being a traditional old school with safe off road parking. I was very impressed with the calm, friendly atmosphere. Louise, the Manager, took me to the Baby Room to start my look around.

The Nursery Nurses in the baby room spent some time talking to me and they seemed so dedicated and caring. The room was lovely and the babies were sat together around a table having lunch. I had a good look around everywhere and asked lots of questions. Hayley offered me a free Taster Day and gave me some more information to take home.

Although it was a big step at the time I have been completely satisfied with how my baby has grown and developed. She really thinks about things. I have enjoyed meeting other parents when the nursery has their parent forums, summer galas and parent’s play mornings.

The Nursery Nurses also involve me with my daughter’s ‘Learning Journey’ book. It shows me how she is progressing, and is full of photos and observations of her adventures and developments at nursery. My family also has a great partnership with the nursery and we can all be involved as much as we like.

I highly recommend Bramble Hall to anyone looking for the best quality care for their child. They are outstanding.

of a parent | of a child | of a Nursery Nurse

Through the eyes of a child

Bramble Hall is really good fun, I have been here since I was a baby. I have lots of friends now and some of them came to my birthday party yesterday… I got loads of presents!

I’m now in the Pre-School Room. We are big boys and girls in here. I can go on the computer, or do some drawing and lots more. Every morning we have circle time. This is when we sing the days of the week song and about the weather and the season and the date. I helped to stick the numbers on the calendar today! And my best friend did the season.

I’m having a look round to see what to do next. I think I’ll go and do some painting now. “Gemma can you get me some water?” she asked me to say “please”, so I did and then I painted a giraffe. I will give it to mummy later when she picks me up.

It was soon time for our snack time and we were all asked to go and wash our hands. We had banana, cheese, biscuits and some milk.

Time goes so quickly. I heard one of my friends ringing the bell and that means it’s ‘tidy-up’ time. After everything was tidy, we all put our wellies, hat, gloves and coats on and went outside to play. Today I’m going to be a Gruffalo. The tepee is the Gruffalo’s cave and no one can see me when I’m inside. Then Laura asked if I would like to help pull the carrots from the soil. We will eat them at dinner time. I pulled out four on my own! Then it was time to go back inside.

Dinner was one of my favourite meals, cottage pie. The carrots we grew and pulled out of the garden were really yummy. After dinner I read some books then it was time for a rest. I chose the big yellow cushion to lie on, it’s so soft. My friend can fit on it with me too! All of us listened to some music then after rest time I’m ready for the afternoon…,

of a parent | of a child | of a Nursery Nurse

Through the eyes of a Nursery Nurse

One of my favourite memories is of when I was showing Alexander the treasure basket when he first started. He was just 9 months old. I remember his little eyes widening as he pulled out a pine cone which immediately went into this mouth. Alexander continued to explore the basket, putting objects in his mouth as he discovered them, then putting them to one side to search for more things. Alexander then pulled out the mirror. He must have spotted his reflection as he was bringing it to his mouth because he smiled and let out a big chuckle. He studied himself for a few moments and chuckled again. Then he saw me smiling at him and passed me the mirror. The next day when Alexander came to nursery we said goodbye to mummy and he began to look around the floor. I thought he might be looking for the treasure basket. I took it over to him, full of different objects this time. Alexander’s face lit up as he reached with both hands for the basket. He also loves playing outside, exploring the outdoor environment with curiosity , consideration and enthusiasm.

I have watched Alexander grow and develop and can’t believe he is now getting ready to start school. We play outside a lot at Bramble Hall, building dens, playing with water, dressing up, gardening and riding the bikes. Once when we were using the water toys another child called Emma filled a big bowl up with water, it took her ages but she kept going, backwards and forwards, from the tap to the bowl until it was full. She then looked at me cautiously as she slowly stepped into the bowl, jumped up and down and laughed out loud. I’ll never forget her little face as she jumped so hard the water went over the top of her wellies- she had a great time! Three of the other children heard her laughing and came over to see what she was doing. It was only a matter of time before they all had their waterproof suits on and were having a go themselves. This is why I went into childcare, why I worked hard to be qualified. The children give so much back to me.