Our Pre School room offers a child centred approach to learning. Our knowledgeable staff develop the children’s learning by enhancing our Pre School room to adapt to the ever changing interests of the children.

Our practitioners ensure that the children learning is furthered by using their training and the knowledge of the children and their lives. 

Our practitioners work closely with parents ensuring that their needs are always met.  

There are lots of hands on experiences to help stimulate natural curiosity such as painting, jelly play, sand and water play and modelling activities to develop creative skills. Outside the children engage in lots of physical play alongside having the chance to help with the growing of vegetables in our garden.

We have built up strong liaisons with the local schools so the transition from nursery is as smooth as possible. Every child’s learning journal will be given at then end of their time with us containing their observations and achievements  – this contains useful information and pictures alongside your comments and allows other professionals to further promote your child’s development.

The staff in preschool have a wealth of knowledge and life experiences. They enjoy helping the children to learn new skills and spend lots of their time exploring the outdoor environment.